Buying & selling a business for maximum profitability
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Buy and sell profitably

Buying and selling a business

Achieving your lifestyle and financial goals often involves buying a business, or selling a business. We’re here to make those big decisions – and the homework involved – easier and more profitable.

The team at Biz Solutions are more than just Chartered Accountants – we’re successful business people in our own right. So tap into our experience and know-how to get on the fast track to success.

Buying a business

Buying a business – or buying a franchise – can be a quick way to generate income. Or perhaps you’re looking to buy a business that’s underperforming, with a view to turning it around.

Either way, Biz Solutions can guide you through every step of buying a business in NZ:

    • Identifying your goals and objectives
    • Identifying business acquisitions that would suit you.
    • Due diligence and purchase negotiations, including formulating the questions to ask when buying a business.
    • Advice on business financing.
    • Preparation of a business plan, cash flow forecasts, and budgets that are focused on business growth.
    • Working with you on a day-to-day basis, with regard to bookkeeping, accounting, and ensuring you’re on track with your business goals.

Selling a business

Whether your company sale is due to retirement, or you want to flip a business that you’ve turned around, Biz Solutions is here to help you get the most for your hard work.

However, there’s a good amount of work involved with company selling if you want to get the best price. And because we also deal with business purchases, we know exactly how to prepare your business for sale.

When selling your business, the goal is for you to achieve the best possible sale price. That involves establishing what a realistic sale price would be, which is often based on recent sales of comparable businesses. We can do that homework for you; as well as taking the business to market; negotiating with potential purchasers; and drafting a contract.

Business valuations

Business valuations are important when you’re buying a business, to ensure you’re not paying too much.

Likewise, business valuations are crucial when you’re selling a business, to make sure your asking price is accurate and fair.

Read more about our business valuations service.

Achieve your lifestyle and financial goals faster, by having Biz Solutions on your side when you’re buying and selling a business.

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