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Property accountant for property investments

Whether you’re an experienced property investor, or you’re just looking to get started with property investment – we can help you. As your property accountant, we can provide you with a wide range of property investment advice, relating to both residential and commercial property investment. It’s all about making your investment as profitable as possible for you.

How can a property accountant help you?

If you’re into property investment, making money is the name of the game – and helping our clients make money is Biz Solutions’ strength! As your property accountant, we can help you before you even purchase any property – as well as providing on-going property investment advice and accounting:

    • Advice on purchasing a property: We can identify the risks and potential returns on commercial properties as well as residential properties.
    • Guidance on tax minimisation and ownership structures: How you structure your property investment can make a real difference in the amount of tax you pay (or don’t pay).
    • Advice on funding: There are a number of different ways to fund your property investment, and your choice will affect how your property is taxed, and the profitability of your property.
    • Reviews of lease arrangement: Lease arrangements can make or break a property investment, so be sure to run this past us.
    • Profitability reviews: We’ll review how your investment is going, to ensure that your returns are maximised; that your financial position is as strong as possible; and to identify any potential growth areas.

Our property accounts in Auckland are available for both commercial and residential property investment in Auckland and also throughout New Zealand.

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