Worried about business insolvency and bad debts?
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Business insolvency and debt management

Is your company struggling, and you’re worrying about business insolvency?

If so, the worst thing you can do is to ignore the money problems and continue as if everything were rosy. Not only because Directors can be personally liable if your business is trading while insolvent in NZ, but also because the sooner you admit there’s a problem, the bigger the chance that your company can be saved.

Please speak to us urgently if you’re concerned about business insolvency

Please contact us at the very first signs of bankruptcy and insolvency: our experienced team will be able to quickly identify problem areas, and suggest solutions to improve the position of your business. Our expert business insolvency advice and insolvency management services may be able to save your business. Don’t delay – contact us now.

Business debt solutions

Often, the cause of insolvency is bad debt. Biz Solutions has a 10-year relationship with a reputable debt management practitioner. So if you’ve got any bad debts to recover, please contact us today to get this underway for you.

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