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Human resources services

Your team is your company’s most valuable asset, and as your business growth partner we can help you with human resources in Auckland. Our human resource planning services are focused on the following key areas:

Employment relations

Having the right systems and processes in place is a vital first step in getting the most out of your team. Biz Solutions can help you with all the necessary paperwork that’s required in human resource management, such as employment agreements, employee policies, employment contracts, psychometric testing and more. Contact us to find out more.


Setting remuneration packages at the right level in your industry will help your business attract and retain quality staff. Biz Solutions can provide advice on industry benchmarks, remuneration levels, incentive and bonus schemes, and KiwiSaver schemes. And because we’re your accountants – rather than a standalone human resources company – we’ll have an eye on what’s most advantageous for you from a tax and cash flow perspective.

Biz Solutions can also take care of your payroll and wages processing for you. Talk to us today about staff remuneration options that are in sync with your business.

Strategic HR

Strategic HR is all about aligning your human resource planning with your business objectives. This involves developing a team with the right skills, attitude and know-how to improve the performance of your business. To find out more about human resources in Auckland that’s firmly focused on your profitability and business growth, contact us.

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